Bad Boyfriend (Bad in Baltimore, #2)

Bad Boyfriend (Bad in Baltimore, #2) - K.A. Mitchell The blurb makes me want to read this, but I hope it's better than Bad Company.

Ok, so finally finished it.
I enjoyed this book so much more than Bad Company (which got 1.5 star from me). It is better written, the plot is actually believable and the characters are likable.

I liked how we see Quinn's character grow through the book - from this bland, I'll-do-anything-to-avoid-confrontation man, to a man not so repressed. At first I really hated Quinn and didn't get half of his reactions, but as the story revolves, all of his reactions come to place.

What I didn't like is how Peter was just too much of a bad guy. I can't believe that someone who came from a caring and loving family could have only one main characteristic - selfishness.
What is more unbelievable is that they all (with the exception of Eli) didn't realize it until his wife left him. Or maybe not, since they'd all rather put a blindfold over their eyes than acknowledge anything out of their comfort zone. I can't get people like that so, yeah, I was totally with Eli when he was pissed off about them all.

All in all, I can see how this book could have turned out better, but I enjoyed it nevertheless.