Past Lies

Past Lies - Shayla Kersten The setting is a small town where everybody knows everybody's business.

We have Paul - a high school jock who's been in denial about his sexual preference all of his 38 years of life, and we have Randy - the weird gay kid, probably bullied a lot, who escaped the town right after graduating.

So, comes the high school reunion...

Randy is attracted to Paul (has been since high school), but keeps it to himself because he's not out to his mom yet and to the best of his knowledge, Paul is straight.
Paul is attracted to Randy too (has been since high school), but keeps fooling himself, mostly he's afraid not to live up to his Dad's expectations. Or the town's expectations. Whatever.

And all it took for Paul to loose control was one bitchy ex-fiance and a few scotches. And then he pounces on Randy in his hotel room and goes straight to gay sex (no pun intended). For someone who's been in denial for more than 20 years, who was afraid to even think about a passing attraction to men on the street, he sure didn't need much encouraging. Nor did he freak out about it at any point of the book. Wouldn't he feel, oh I don't know, a bit overwhelmed at some point? Unless he wasn't really really in real denial.

And all of that happens in the first 10 pages of the book.

Then there's a whole lot of hot and a bit kinky gay sex. Between the the sex sessions there's a bit more of the angry bigot Dad, and the psycho ex-fiance.

And then we reach the last 20 pages of the book, in which Paul's superhero Mother puts a metaphorical collar on the psycho ex-fiance's neck ensuring no rumors will spread, and informs Paul and Randy that their parents already know they're gay, and want them to be happy.

Ten more pages of kinky sex. The End.