Sole Support

Sole Support - Kaje Harper

Mike and Kellen are two 40-ish guys who met on the internet and share a common love of books.
Mike is still a virgin (in every sense of the word), mostly due to some self-esteem issues. Kellen is a relationship virgin because the idea of depending on another human for comfort and support is frightening. The two meet up in real life, and quickly fall for each other (even though Kellen wasn't about to admit it to himself or anyone else). But the real relationship starts when Kellen has to move back to the house he grew up in to take care of his mother.

Sole Support was definitely hard for me to read, because about 3-4 years ago I was in almost the exact same situation as Kellen. Caregiver burnout is something I still feel the consequences of, even after all these years. I cried a lot while reading this book, but it was a cleansing kind of crying, I think, and I feel lighter now that I've finished it.

Kaje's stories to me always seem more real somehow. With other writers I'm always aware that what I'm reading is fiction, no matter how much I connect with the characters. But I wouldn't be surprised if one day I came to America and met a real Tony, or Mac, or Kellen, or Mike. It's what makes me appreciate and love her stories all the more.