Please Remember Me - Jacob Z. Flores

— feeling what?!?
Please Remember Me - Jacob Z. Flores

What I liked:
- Some scenes were so beautiful and/or painful they made me cry.
- Hank! Big, sweet teddy bear of a man.
- It took a while for the story to get a grip on me, but when it did - oh boy! I couldn't put it down until I finished.  

What I didn't like:
- The writing was overly descriptive in places and that distracted me from the story. In fact, the first 20% of the book I was convinced I would dnf.
- Being introverted does not equal being shy. As a very introverted and very much not a shy person, I would know.
- They were constantly "clawing" and "chewing" on each other. While I'm used to that kind of expressions in shifter books, in contemporary romance it invokes some very unpleasant images.

"I had to slowly pull my lip from his jaws and take deep breaths to calm down."

"Whenever Hank rimmed my ass, he grunted and turned into an animal rooting around in his favorite spot."

- And then, there was this gem also:

"Touching him was like sticking my tongue in an electrical socket."

What, potentially deadly and you need a two-digit IQ to do it?