Dark Space

Dark Space - Lisa Henry

Brady is a guy who just can't get a break. Everything that happens to him (and it mostly happens to him, without his input) goes to s*it really fast. He hates the space, hates that he's been conscripted and can't help his father take care of his younger sister. The reason he won't get training that would eventually lead him to an officer position (even though he's very capable) is because that would mean he'd have to spend 5 more years (together with the compulsory 10) in space. He is young and lonely and afraid, but used to nobody giving a crap about a recruit, a kid from a refugee camp. The anger gives him energy to keep pushing on.

Cam is... I didn't quite get a hold on Cam. He's a good guy who's been through some serious nightmare-inducing stuff. But even after all that happened to him, he still feels love for space and stars and piloting. He came to an understanding of what happened to him and why, and so was at relative peace with it.

Their love was intense. It would fall under the category of insta-love, but when you're in each other's thoughts and memories and emotions and dreams, when you're not even sure where your emotion begins and his ends, I'd say insta-love is the only possible result (that is if the guy in your had is not a total a*shole).

It was not quite clear to me what happened at the end -

Why did Kai Ren let them go? Why was it part of the deal for Cam to go back with Kai Ren as some kind of sacrifice? What happened with the "peace treaty" considering Cam and Brady were released?

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but I'm hoping those (and other) questions will be answered in the next installment.

I loved this book! The writing was excellent (the kind of writing where some parts were so beautiful they made me cry), the story and the characters captivating (I read it in a day, and I'm a very slow reader!) and I'm really looking forward to reading the next book.