Betrayal - J. C. Owens

2.5 stars

I liked this story because it drew me in and wouldn't let go despite the wtf moments. I generally enjoy J.C. Owens' stories, but this was one of the weaker ones.

I didn't like it because of the wtf moments:

-What was the point of the demon? Was he a real physical entity or just an illusion constructed by a man driven to madness by despair and loneliness and abuse? What was the point of it manifesting at the end in the desert?

-Darcel was abused, beaten, raped and isolated for three years, with only a demon(?) mentally torturing him for company, but fear no recuperation time or ptsd! Harlech has a magical cock that cures all ills. Despite him also being Darcel's slaver for two years before Darcel's time in the dungeon.  

-Alasar's madness is a very weak way to further the plot and make Darcel "realize" his love for Harlech. Considering his betrayal is one of the main points of the plot, there was precious little explanation of his motives or character.

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