The Alpha's Pet

The Alpha's Pet - Shannon West This book was recommended to me in the Pick It For Me Challenge

I must say I'm fairly disappointed.

I've added a star because of the unexpected way things developed in the book.

What bothered me the most (apart from the shallowness of the characters and their unnatural reactions) was the power dynamics.

The first 60% of the book I was hoping for Nicky to rebel and tell them to shove their leashes and rules up their posteriors but I doubted that would ever happen. But when it did actually happen (oh the joy!), Marco's reaction was very... disappointing and expected at the same time. I was really looking forward to him groveling for forgiveness a bit but all I got was "Okay, maybe I was wrong to treat you like a dog, now I'll treat you like a really good dog. Here, I'll even allow you to have a hobby". And Nicky took what he could, because it's not like he had a choice - it was that or go mad and die in the woods.