Us (Him #2)

Us (Him Book 2) - Sarina Bowen, Elle Kennedy

I didn't think I could love Wes and Jamie more - but guess what :D

In this book we follow Jamie's and Wes's struggles with keeping their relationship secret.

Jamie is  isolated and away from his family and friends and reluctant to let new people into his life because he would have to lie about a very important part of it. He is a naturally friendly and outgoing person, so this situation slowly makes him more and more lethargic. It was painful watching him but I was that much more glad when he managed to get out of that headspace.
Wes is used to being alone, but he worries about Jamie (sometimes a bit too much). He's afraid he's not enough for Jamie, that he's keeping Jamie from his family, that he's not family to Jamie. And Jamie is the only family he's got. I found it very sweet when he called Jamie's mom Mom, and the whole conversation with Reggie the driver brought me to tears.

And then there's Blake! The teammate who moved in the same building and who has no regard for personal space or silence. He was a very nice surprise and a welcome respite from the angst that were Jamie and Wes. At first he was a bit annoying but he grows on you :D I heard the next book will be about him and Jamie's sister Jess (chiweilers! :D )

In all, I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I can't wait for the next installment even if Wes & Jamie are not the main characters.