Forging the Future

Forging the Future - Mary Calmes

This book takes place about 5 years after the happenings in Crucible of Fate (at least I think it does since I remember Jin and Logan's son Ilia being born during that book, and in this one he is five years old.)
I'm not satisfied with the book, but I'm glad I've read it.
I liked revisiting Jin and Logan and I liked that they got a happy ending. I liked seeing Domin and Yuri again too! I would love to have seen more of Ilia's growing up, to have gotten the chance to know him better though.

I didn't like 

the whole tribe turning on Logan, including his father and both of his brothers. Russ's comeback and Peter's behavior were a wtf? moment for me, though I kinda waited for Koren to screw up. But the rest of the pack? After 20 years of having as awesome a semel as Logan, for them as a whole to turn their back on him, especially after Andrian was  killed the way he was and that whole scene when they tried to kill Logan, Jin and their child while they were asleep? Maybe if we were given a scene (or six) of the way Logan was in those five years to warrant such betrayal by his whole pack, and of how the people around him went from love to hate (especially his father and brothers) I would have been able to believe the whole scenario more.

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Other than that, everything has been tied in a neat little bow, every major character has been given an ending, which gives me the impression we won't be seeing any more of them again.