Hell & High Water (THIRDS Book 1)

Hell & High Water (THIRDS Book 1) - Charlie Cochet

While reading this book, I was feeling equally amused and pissed off.

Amused because I'm a superhero geek (= every time I hear the word "Marvel" and "movie" in the same sentence I revert to a 9-year-old (boy)) and this pushed all my buttons. It has bad-ass shifters, it has banter. It has mystery and crime-solving. It has hot smex scenes (that's the 26-year-old me taking). So okay, it has some unfortunate interior descriptions, but who cares, right? Heroes!

By all accounts it should have been my favourite book of the year.

But the amusement didn't last long. The banter was juvenile and Dex reminded me of a more juvenile version or Tony Stark (if that's even possible). The "superheroes" were anything but competent, given their intensive training. The "mystery" should have been solved in the first quarter of the book.


No traces of a Therian but the throat clawed out, and the marks looking like the Therian was standing on hind legs. And in a world where Therians are barely tolerated, Dex (with all his 10 years of detective experience) doesn't even think in passing that it might be a Human posing as Therian? I find that insulting.
And then you have Pearce, who was suspicious as hell, has a metal workshop, and had motive that was strong enough his alibi should have been questioned, but wasn't. GRrrrrrr!

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The things I was able to ignore in the beginning (like the fact that Dex's personality did a one-eighty three chapters in) slowly started grating on my nerves.

And in the end, for me this book was a whole lot of awesome ideas, most of them already done in comics, executed poorly.