Skin Deep

Skin Deep - S.W. Vaughn

Julia ♥Duncan♥ wrote a review that I completely agree with.

The story is full of plot-chasms.

I'll add one or two more things to the list...

First off, I cannot believe that nobody would have believed Will had he gone to the police. I get that the police department is a close-knit group, but had he shown just an inch of his back skin and said one of the cops did it, no one would be able to ignore that with a clear conscience.

Second, Lyle was clearly unstable. Don't they do psych checkups regularly?

The third thing... and this really really pissed me off...
A cop from another precinct comes specifically for you to pick you up, drives off with you cuffed in the back of his car, carrying a gun registered to your best friend (for which you were arrested in the first place). Then he tortures you for at least an hour or two. And then he ends up with his neck broken. And you leave the gun, and your DNA, and your prints all over the car.

And nobody from the PD reacted?! Yeah, right...

But even if they did, and he tried to claim self-defense (since he can't exactly tell them a Fae diquised as Cobalt did it), he wouldn't be able to prove anything because Cobalt healed him completely within an hour of it happening!

(show spoiler)

All that, plus the things Julia pointed out, but I still kinda liked this book. I got more pissed while writing this review than I was while actually reading it.
So I'll probably read the next installment in the series (Uriskel gets a story!)