Strength of the Mate

Strength of the Mate - Kendall McKenna

More of the same issues I had with previous books.
- It was too long because of unnecessary descriptions. Because of the interchangeable use of names and surnames of new characters, half the time I couldn't figure out what's going on.
- The relationship between the 2 MCs was all sex no substance. I think they had one good talk in the entire book.
- I'm sorry everyone, but the dirty talk was repetitive and the sex scenes put me to sleep. I skimmed most of them.
- The kidnapping was a lazy way to make Adam finally give up his resistance to the relationship.
And as someone who has tortured himself with guilt over the course of several years, he was "healed" too easily. It was too close to magical dick syndrome for my taste.

On the bright side, the military jargon wasn't as bad as in the first book, and I did enjoy the first 20%.