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Forging the Future

Forging the Future - Mary Calmes

This book takes place about 5 years after the happenings in Crucible of Fate (at least I think it does since I remember Jin and Logan's son Ilia being born during that book, and in this one he is five years old.)
I'm not satisfied with the book, but I'm glad I've read it.
I liked revisiting Jin and Logan and I liked that they got a happy ending. I liked seeing Domin and Yuri again too! I would love to have seen more of Ilia's growing up, to have gotten the chance to know him better though.

I didn't like 

the whole tribe turning on Logan, including his father and both of his brothers. Russ's comeback and Peter's behavior were a wtf? moment for me, though I kinda waited for Koren to screw up. But the rest of the pack? After 20 years of having as awesome a semel as Logan, for them as a whole to turn their back on him, especially after Andrian was  killed the way he was and that whole scene when they tried to kill Logan, Jin and their child while they were asleep? Maybe if we were given a scene (or six) of the way Logan was in those five years to warrant such betrayal by his whole pack, and of how the people around him went from love to hate (especially his father and brothers) I would have been able to believe the whole scenario more.

(show spoiler)

Other than that, everything has been tied in a neat little bow, every major character has been given an ending, which gives me the impression we won't be seeing any more of them again.


Betrayal - J. C. Owens

2.5 stars

I liked this story because it drew me in and wouldn't let go despite the wtf moments. I generally enjoy J.C. Owens' stories, but this was one of the weaker ones.

I didn't like it because of the wtf moments:

-What was the point of the demon? Was he a real physical entity or just an illusion constructed by a man driven to madness by despair and loneliness and abuse? What was the point of it manifesting at the end in the desert?

-Darcel was abused, beaten, raped and isolated for three years, with only a demon(?) mentally torturing him for company, but fear no recuperation time or ptsd! Harlech has a magical cock that cures all ills. Despite him also being Darcel's slaver for two years before Darcel's time in the dungeon.  

-Alasar's madness is a very weak way to further the plot and make Darcel "realize" his love for Harlech. Considering his betrayal is one of the main points of the plot, there was precious little explanation of his motives or character.

(show spoiler)

Spencer Cohen, Book One

The Spencer Cohen Series, Book One - N.R. Walker

Classic N.R. Walker - very sweet, uncomplicated and relaxing. Looking forward to the next one!

The Menagerie: Lynx

The Menagerie: Lynx - Megan Derr Megan Derr's stories are my drug *___*

Knight of Ocean Avenue

Knight of Ocean Avenue - Tara Lain

Oh my god, I loved this book!

I loved Billy and Shaz. I loved the story and how it was written. This is my first by Tara Lain and I definitely want more!

The Degan Incident

The Degan Incident - Rob Colton

I liked this book. Kinda.

I think Lyn Gala spoiled me for other SF stories involving humanoid aliens as MCs.

I expected alien culture and/or psychology and/or physiology to be more of a topic. Instead, we get a human with hair overgrowth and sharp teeth. Their world and technology are like Earth's "before we started to build everywhere" (though of course they are more advanced since they can travel in space and all) and they are 99% human in their behavior, so that was a let down.

We get some curious bit of info without any explanations. Like for example, we know Degan males get their tails cut off at birth and females don't - why is that? And for a species that has a pair of huge fangs protruding from their lower jaw they do an awful lot of kissing, the mechanics of which I'm not entirely sure about, especially if there's two Degans kissing. Why don't they have nipples when they are, for all intents and purposes, mammals? Are they all speaking English or do they all have a type of translation software wired in their brains? I wanted to know this stuff and I was left disappointed.

If you ignore the SF elements, the story is kinda okay, but in the end unremarkable.

Kings Rising

Kings Rising: Book Three of the Captive Prince Trilogy - C.S. Pacat

I want more dammit!


I want to see how they managed to set everything up. How they fought to unite the two countries that have long been enemies. How they fought to stay together. But most of all I want more of them!
More more more!

/childish rant over

Really though, will there be more? A short story? An epilogue? A "10 years after" snippet? Dare I say it... a sequel? I'll take anything! Pretty please?

Safe in His Arms

Safe in His Arms - Renae Kaye

This book was okay, but I was expecting more because I really liked Renae Kaye's previous books, especially Loving Jay.

It had such a preachy tone that it often made me think of manuals.

I couldn't connect with the characters. I felt there was more to them but it was just left unexplored.

The "drama" wasn't drama at all, and it felt forced.

In the end, it took all I had in me not to drop it at around 60%

How Not to Summon Your True Love

How Not to Summon Your True Love - Sasha L. Miller

Got this for free in a draw on the author's twitter account <3

I loved it! It was a quick and fun read and I couldn't put it down :3

King Perry

King Perry - Edmond Manning

I... I have no words.

This book took me over 2 weeks to read. I just couldn't sit still and read it for more than 2 hours at the most. I figured since it has such great ratings, and I couldn't find an actual fault anywhere, the problem is probably me.

And then, that last 20% happened. And my mind was blown.

I have no words for this book that haven't already been said more skillfully in other reviews.

The Pillar

The Pillar - Kim Fielding

This story got a 3 star rating instead of 4 from me because of entirely personal reasons and most people would probably enjoy it more than I did.

I think I would have liked this book more if I wasn't trying to make a connection between the setting of the book (15th century Bosnia) and what I've been taught in school about that part of Balkans history. It's not that the writer did something wrong, it's just that I grew up with a certain image about that period, and I couldn't quite reconcile it with what I've read in the book.

I also had a problem with the endearment "dusha" - it's a word that means literally "my soul" but the only place I've heard it used that way are folk songs. Today it's used rarely, and then usually in a condescending way, the way the words "honey" or "sweetheart" can be used in a negative context ("Don't worry your pretty little head honey"). If a person I was in a relationship with used it on me, I would think he/she was sickeningly cheesy and ask him/her to please stop.
It was used very often in the book and it was glaringly out of place. It made me cringe so much I had to put the book down for several hours. I'm not sure everyone from this speaking area would feel as I did though.
On a bright note - it was put in the correct grammatical case in different situations, something most English speaking fiction writers that tried to use Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian language in the past (at least that I've seen) had disregarded, so hooraaah for that.

Unfortunately, all this was enough to distract me from what is an excellent story with wonderful main and side characters and all around an engaging read

Mended Hearts

Mended Hearts - Katherine Halle

I couldn't connect to this story. The plot, the characters and their dynamics - I didn't feel them at all. I just ended up rolling my eyes all the time and waiting for the story to end so I can mark it read. It took me 2 days to finish it - that says enough.

In the Middle of Somewhere

In the Middle of Somewhere - Roan Parrish

I loved this story.
It's a bit slow-paced, but I loved Daniel's voice so it was easy to read.
Looking forward to see how Colin is redeemed and I hope Leo & Will will get a story too!

Prelude to Claimings, Tails, and Other Alien Artifacts

Prelude to Claimings, Tails, and Other Alien Artifacts - Lyn Gala

This is a collection of short stories, and the first story shows us how Ondry and Liam first met, told from Liam's perspective.
The other three stories tell us about the happenings from the beginning of Claimings, Tails, and Other Alien Artifacts, this time from Ondry's perspective, and from the perspective of a Grandmother.

I absolutely loved them all! I now have the urge to re-read this series, which is exactly what I am gonna do :)

Treasure (Lost Gods #1) by Megan Derr

Treasure - Megan Derr

M'rella gave us some Russian translations, and here are some Japanese ones :D 

Ningyo - mermaid
Taiseiyou & Taiheiyou - Atlantic & Pacific Ocean
Takara - treasure :D
Raiden - lightning & thunder
Arashi - storm
Shima - island

I liked this story. It took me about 20-30% to get into it, but after that I couldn't put it down (until 3am last night). Looking forward to the sequel!

Fairytales Slashed 3

Fairytales Slashed 3 - Megan Derr, A.R. Jarvis, Remington Ward, Mara Ismine Rasnake by Megan Derr ★★★★
Pretty by Mara Ismine ★★
He Shall Go to the Ball by Mara Ismine ★★
Greenwood by Remington Ward - Couldn't get into the story... after trying for a whole month, I'm calling it quits and just dropping this one.
Moth to the Flame by A.R. Jarvis ★★★